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Can Labeling Machine

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As we all know, can is one of containers that used for storing various kinds contents includes food, beverages, oil, chemicals liquid.

Most cans are upright cylinders with identical and parallel rounded tops and bottoms, as well as vertical sides. Certainly, can also can have other shapes such as ellipsoid, cuboid, cube. This article will introduce several commonly used can labeling machines. For other special-shaped cans, this article will not give a detailed description. If you need any packaging machine for such products, please send us email.

What people most pay attention to about the can labeling machine are labeling quality and labeling speed. SUNHAN is one of the Chinese packaging machine manufacturer who can offer customized packaging solution according to your needs in can & label of different sizes.

According to different label types, we can divide the can labeling machine into the following three types

  • Can self-adhesive sticker labeling machine
  • Can sleeve shrink labeling machine
  • Can wet glue labeling machine

Can sticker labeling machine

If your labels are self-adhesive sticker, we will recommend

Labeling machine with press belt

Working principle: After the label separator separates the label, the label is attached to the can, and the can will roll through the pressing belt during transporting, the label will be completely attached to the can

Advantage: Faster labeling as cans are being labeled during transport (without stopping midway).It also suitable for single side labeling on square bottles.

Disadvantage: It is not suitable for double sides labeling on round can. And for wrap-around labeling , the labeling accuracy will not so high as the three roller labeling machine

Beer Can Labeling Machine-1


Three roller labeling machine  

Working principle: The label separator attach the label to the can before labeling. When the can passes through the three rollers, the can will be clamped by three rollers and rotate with the three rollers, so that the label can be completely labeled.

Advantage: It is suitable for single side, double sides and wrap-around labeling (end to end), and also has high labeling accuracy.

Disadvantage: It is only suitable for round cans, and labeling speed is not so faster than the labeling machine with press belt.

Beer Can Labeling Machine-2


Milk Powder Can Labeling Machine


Can sleeve shrink labeling machine

If your labels are made of PVC/PE/OPS film etc, you can choose the sleeve shrink labeling machine.

Working principle: The shrink sleeve labeling machine normally is consist of sleeve roll loader and heating tunnel. The label from the sleeve roll loader normally will be cut to the correct shape and size, then sleeved to the container. After that, the container will be transport to the heating tunnel,  and shrink labels.

Advantage: Because the shrink sleeves are made from heat sealable material, like PVC, PET, OPS, PLA. This kind of labeling method can offer greater protection against moisture than traditional labels. And the sleeve shrink labeling machine has high working speed and labeling accuracy. It also suitable for different shapes of containers.

Disadvantage: Labels made from shrink-wrap film are often more expensive than alternatives, and some plastic films release odors when heated. The working power of the machine will be greater, and the adjustment and application of the machine will be more troublesome than the traditional labeling machine. But no worries, if you bought sleeve shrinking labeling machine from SUNHAN, we will offer detailed debugging and operating video, we can also offer one-to-one video chat to help you solve problems.

Spray Can Labeling Machine


Wet glue labeling machine

If you use wet glue labels, then the wet glue labeling will be the ideal choice for you.

Working principle: Before the labelling process, that glue is applied to paper label. When the label is attached to the can, and the can will roll through the pressing belt during transporting, so the label will adhere to the product.

Advantage: Wet glue labels are ideal for printing high volumes and long runs. They are a cost-effective solution, so many customers who are just starting out in business find them good on the budget. They are quite comparable to any other type of label in terms of design and appearance.

Disadvantage: Wet glue labels are more susceptible to environmental influences, which may cause labels to peel off. Applying wet glue labels can be messy, as the glue can get on the hands, machinery, or other surfaces. This can be difficult to clean up and may lead to production delays.

Tin Can Labeling Machine


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