Automatic Anti-rust Motor Oil Liquid Fuel Metal Round Tin Cans Filling Cap Pressing Machine Packaging Production Line

Стоимость доставки рассчитывается при оформлении.
Voltage: 110V
Что мы предлагаем

▶ 1 год гарантии

▶ Руководство пользователя

▶Поддержка видеочата один на один

▶Установка и отладка видео

▶Индивидуальное упаковочное решение

Main Feature

Pneumatic anti-dripping nozzle can prevent filling material from dripping during filling work.
▶In the whole filling process, the filling speed can be divided into two settings (the initial filling speed and the filling speed near the end), which can effectively cut down on the foam during the filling.
▶ This servo motor quantitative filling machine allows you to directly enter the filling volume of liquid you’d like to fill. No longer to crazy about the instability of liquid flow rate and repeated calculations.
▶Equipped with piston feeding pump, it can saves working labor and supply filling material in time
▶The outer cap is delivered via suction cups to improve sealing accuracy

application of motor oil cans filling line
filling machine for motor oil
cap pressing machine for motor oil tin cans
machine details of motor oil cans filling line
machine details of motor oil cans filling line-2
motor oil cans filling line


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