Semi-automatic Double Heads Glass Bottle PET Container Air Rinsing Machine Wine Liquor Bottle Washing Cleaning Equipment

Voltage: 110V

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Main Feature

▶Equipped with a double filter system, the air will come out through the oil-water separator and filter cotton
▶Compared with water rinsing machine, it saves the drier to remove the water inside and outside bottle.
▶The angle of the suction nozzle can be flexibly adjusted according to production requirements
▶ Easy to operate, push the bottle to the suction nozzle to eliminate static electricity in the bottle, clean dust and no dirt
▶The diameter of the dust removal mold can be customized according to the size of the bottle


Air Pressure:0.4-0.6MPa
Working speed:About 25-30 bottles/min
Bottle Opening Diameter:10-62mm (Can be customized)
Machine Size: About 720*630*1250mm
Machine Weight: About 250kg

application of bottle rinsing machine

bottle air rinsing machine

machine details of bottle air rinsing machine

double heads bottle air rinsing machine