Cosmetic Cream Plastic Round Bottles Labeling Machine For Hand Santiser Hair Oil Dropper Bottle Labeler

Voltage: 110V
Label Type: Normal Label
Machine Type: With Date Coder

▶ 1年保証

▶ ユーザーマニュアル




Main Feature

▶Equipped with bottle loading structure, bottles can be put in advanced and improves working efficiency. 
▶Bottle unloading function can be turned on or turn off according to production needs, it saves working labor.
▶Designed for single side labeling, double sides labeling, wrap-around labeling on round bottles like shampoo bottles, hand sanitizer bottles, lotion bottles, detergent bottles.
▶Equipped with PLC touch screen control panel, the customizable interface is more user-friendly, it shows machine working status more clearly.


  • Voltage:110V/220V50-60Hz
  • Power:100W
  • Capacity:20-40pcs/min
  • Suitable Bottle Size:Φ10-120mm * H≤200mm
  • Label Size:W≤350mm * H≤150mm
  • Air Pressure:0.4-0.6MPa
  • Label Roll Inside Diameter:φ76mm
  • Label Roll Outside Diameter:φ≤250mm
  • Label Outputting Direction:Right
  • Port for The Air Compressor:8mm
  • Package Size:About 770*550*820mm(L*W*H With Date Coder)
  •                      About  770*550*580mm(L*W*H Without Date Coder)
  • Package Weight:About 61kg (With date Coder)
  •                            About 48kg (Without Date Coder)
application of lotion bottle labeling machine

bottle labeling machine for lotion

label size of lotion bottle labeling machine

machine details of lotion bottle labeling machine

round bottle labeling machine for lotion