Automatic Steam Type Linear Metal Twist-off Lug Caps Jar Bottle Vacuum Chili Sauce Capping Machine For Fruit Jam

Voltage: 110V

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Main Feature

Suitable for a variety of bottle types such as round, square, and various shapes.
▶Adopting Siemens frequency converter for frequency conversion and speed regulation, which can improve the accuracy of work.
▶Use high-speed steam to replace the normal pressure air in the top gap of the bottle mouth; after sealing, the cooling water pipe sprays cold water on the cap to cool the bottle, so that the required vacuum degree is achieved in the sealed bottle

It is easy to operate by simply adjusting the machine to replace bottles or caps of different specifications.
It can be connected with the automatic filling and labeling machine to realize automated production


  • Power supply:110/220V 50-60HZ 3.12KW
  • Working capacity:About 4000BPH
  • Suitable cap size:Customized
  • Suitable bottle size:Customized
  • Steam consumption:180-230kg/h
  • Steam pressure:≤0.4MPa
  • Maximum vacuum degree:34-67KPa
  • Machine size:About 3000*857*2110mm
  • Machine weight:About 500kg

application of jar capping machine

jar capping machine

machine details of jar capping machine

automatic jar capping machine