4 Heads Peristaltic Pump Massage Oil Cosmetic Serum Body Mist Ink Liquid Filling Machine Packaging Equipment

Voltage: 110V

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Main Feature

▶Customizable PLC control panel simplifies machine operation, makes it more convenient to debug machine, improves working efficiency.

▶ Convenient machine operation, filling volume can be set directly through control panel.

▶Multi filling heads can be customized as production need

▶Peristaltic pumps operate by compressing a flexible tube to dispense liquids, which results in gentle handling of the product.


  • Voltage:110/220V 50-60HZ 2KW
  • Filling pump:Peristaltic pump
  • Max flow rate:2.4L/min*4
  • Container size:φ20-100mm H50-300mm
  • Recommend filling range:About 10-500ml (For filling capacities not within this range, we recommend customizing the machine.)
  • Working capacity:About 10-20BPM(based on 100ml water, this depends on filling range and filling material)
  • Size of air compressor connector:OD8mm
  • Machine size:About 2000*800*1800mm
  • Package size:ABout 207*800*1740mm
  • Package weight:About 251kg
application of peristaltic pump filling machine
datasheet of peristaltic pump filling machine
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machine details of peristaltic pump filling machine-2
4 heads peristaltic pump filling machine